PRNS provide hoardings for a wide range of different industries and purposes.

Below is a rundown of the different types of hoardings we provide along with a look at them installed on site.




PRNS’s shop front hoardings are a necessity when works are being carried out in busy city centre’s, shopping centres and any areas with heavy foot traffic.

Primarily shop front hoarding are put in place to create a safe area around the building in which works are being carried out. They ensure that only authorised persons can access the site, protecting the public and allowing an extended working area for onsite operatives to utilise.

In this case, due to the level of renovation happening within the building skips were required on site. Due to guidelines from the local council the hoardings needed to cover these, restricting the walkways as little as possible. These hoardings are also an ideal place for advertising, allowing companies to apply vinyl’s, posters and health and safety signage as and when required.


Similarly to our shop front hoardings, escalator hoardings are vital in ensuring that works can be carried out within the required time scales, only allowing access to authorised personal and protecting the public. In this instance within the environment of a train station it is crucial that all these requirements are met to the highest standards possible.

PRNS have worked on a number of Network Rail’s stations across the country, Network Rail have a number of specific requirements in relation to the colour and fire safety rating of the hoardings. PRNS can meet all of these requirements with no delay in the installation of the hoardings, maintaining the high standards PRNS work to for all of our clients.


Escalator protection is crucial in ensuring no damage is done to the escalator units already installed on site, PRNS can manufacture these to any specification that’s given to us. This protection allows for the units to still be used as stairs, this meaning that despite the unit being covered there is a smaller impact on overall efficiency on site, allowing the programme of works to go unchanged.

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PRNS Building Services have been supplying and fitting bespoke hoardings nationwide since 2009. Our bespoke temporary hoardings have been fitted in shops, museums, hospitals, police stations from Edinburgh in Scotland to Portsmouth on England’s South Coast.

Safety is one of our top priorities at PRNS Building Services. Our bespoke hoardings are made to allow safe access and safe conditions for all operatives whilst working on the project. We also always ensure that visible health and safety signage is displayed on all our hoardings. 

Another important aspect is the installation of secondary protection and, upon request, we can apply flame retardant paint, making our hoardings not only robust but suitable to any site.

As you can see from the images, our hoardings can be designed and made to fit any environment. One of our clients had requested a specific paint colour be used to match in-store and company branding.


The lining of a lift car can be crucial to the upkeep of a lift interior during projects within a building.

Here at PRNS, we want to ensure your new lift stays looking its best throughout any projects that are going on within your building. Whether it’s tools and materials or anything else you need moving through the building, making sure that the proper protection is in place is crucial. Once a lift lining is in place, you minimise the risk of costly damages to a new or existing unit.