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PRNS Building Services have highly skilled and trained operatives for specialist work such as Escalator Hoardings and Retail Hoardings. When we provide and install Hoardings into any Station, they will always be Class O Class B Fire Retardant - a classification outlined in the safety within and around buildings.

Retail Hoardings

PRNS’s shop front Retail Hoardings are a necessity when works are being carried out in busy city centres, shopping centres, train stations and any areas with heavy foot traffic.

Primarily, shop front hoarding are put in place to create a safe area around the building in which works are being carried out. They ensure that only authorised persons can access the site - protecting the public and allowing an extended working area for onsite operatives to utilise.

Escalator Hoardings

Our Escalator Hoardings are free-standing, meaning at no point are they fixed, or need to be fixed into the machinery. This process needs to be safe, accurate and of a high quality.

Similarly, to our shop front hoardings, escalator hoardings are vital in ensuring that works can be carried out within the required time scales, only allowing access to authorised personnel, and protecting the public. In this instance within the environment of a train station it is crucial that all these requirements are met to the highest standards possible.

PRNS have worked on several Network Rail’s stations across the country, Network Rail have several specific requirements in relation to the colour and fire safety rating of the hoardings. PRNS can meet all these requirements with no delay in the installation of the hoardings, maintaining the high standards PRNS work to for all of our clients.

Fire retardant Lift Hoardings

We supply and install Class O-Class B Fire Retardant Hoardings, which are European Standard EN 13501-1 and provide the reaction to fire classification procedure for all products and building elements. This classification is quickly becoming the primary recognised standard in the construction industry, and we consistently remain up to, or above industry standard.

All our Class O-Class B Fire Retardant Hoardings are designed and manufactured off-site at our workshop in Liverpool, minimising the time required on-site as we will only need to install them. This decreases the level of disruption on site, allowing the site to function as normal.


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