Platform Lifts

Platform Lifts at PRNS

A platform lift is a type of lift designed to provide accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges. These lifts are designed to safely transport wheelchair users, those with mobility scooters, or individuals with difficulty navigating stairs, between different levels of a building.

At PRNS, we understand the importance of accessibility and take pride in our extensive experience in supporting the installation and modernisation of all types of lifts, including platform lifts. From commercial buildings to residential properties, we are committed to ensuring a high quality service for your project. 

Our Comprehensive Platform Lift Solution

Our platform lift solution includes a range of services to ensure a seamless installation process.

Platform lift pit work for the lift industry by PRNS

We handle all aspects of pit work, from raising existing lift pits to forming new ones, ensuring thorough preparation and execution to the highest standards.

cutting out apertures for the lift industry and platform lifts

Our experienced team is adept at cutting out apertures, whether in concrete or timber, navigating site-specific obstacles with ease.

Lift electrics at PRNS building services

PRNS can supply and install the necessary electrics for the platform lift, ensuring reliable functionality.

Supply and install the Platform Lift at PRNS

With 15 years of experience in the lift industry and partnerships with top lift suppliers, we can organise, supply, and install the platform lift efficiently and effectively.

Making Good to Lift Entrances PRNS building services

Once the lift is installed, our finishing team specialises in the Making Good process. From joinery to painting and decoration, we ensure a polished finish that meets the highest standards.

platform lift package at PRNS building service

Why Choose PRNS for Your Platform Lift Project?

With 15 years in the lift and escalator industry, we ensure the accuracy and success of every lift installation. Our platform lift package is specifically designed to streamline your building projects. We look forward to delivering platform lift solutions that elevate your building projects to new heights (pardon the pun).

Ready to streamline your platform lift project?

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