Platform Lifts

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Platform lifts have a wide range of uses across both domestic and commercial settings something that we regularly support.

PRNS are experienced in supporting the installation and modernisation of all types of lifts, including platform lifts. This is an area that has recently seen an influx of projects both domestically and commercially. As with all of our work, we want to provide the most efficient and effective solutions on site. This meaning, we will attend site surveys as well as reviewing drawings for the unit being installed to ensure pinpoint accuracy for your project.

Below is a collection of site updates for projects we have worked on supporting with our full range of services from the construction of the shafts, provision of hoardings, decoration and making good and of course our electrical services also.


Our team of operatives at the Torkington House in Stockport have installed the electric supply and formed a new pit. Firstly, our operatives made the area safe to work on site. The next stage was the removal of the concrete floor slab and began to excavate of the pit. On the second visit our operatives installed two temporary hoardings, we ensured that visible health & safety signs are in place. After the lift was installed our operatives went back to professionally complete roof work. PRNS Building Services are now in the process of completing making good to a high standard. 


Ian has been to site and your project is now 100% complete.

All the filling and painting has now been completed.

As required, we have also added 3mm nappe stud vinyl flooring to all the entrances, this being approximately 9 tiles to complete everything.

Here at PRNS we are always looking for feedback so please get in touch with the details below!

AlFurqan Centre

Our operatives attended the Alfurqan Centre in Leicester to support the installation of your new platform lift.

After the wall was removed our operatives moved on to the alterations of the stairs that were required for the new lift. We removed the handrail allowing us to form a new step for access on and off the new lift. Our team then began excavating the area for the lift pit, one of the first steps in forming a new lift pit. Once the pit was formed, and all of the concrete had been set, the new unit could be installed and is now ready for use.


Our operatives at the Chasewater Innovation Centre have fitted two temporary hoardings to both lift entrances to allow safe access and safe conditions for all operatives whilst working on the project. On our second visit the onsite team backfilled the pit and finished with shuttering. On our final visit we made good to all landings. All the above works were completed to a high standard.


Our team of operatives at the Torkington House in Stockport have formed a new pit to a high standard as displayed in our site imagery below. Firstly, our operatives made the area safe to work on site. The next stage was the removal of the concrete floor slab and began to excavation of the pit. We next installed all the formworks and reinforced the steel. We then proceeded to form to concrete which formed the pit. We have now made good to all necessary areas.


The PRNS team at the Premier Inn in Newcastle supplied and installed temporary hoardings on first floor and boarded off the gate at lower level. Once the platform lift was installed by Jacksons we completed the making good and safely removed the door at ground level.


Our first task at the Newton Drive site in Accrington was the the removal of the blockwork on two floors. Our operatives then back filled the pit. Scaffold has been supplied and installed and all relevant scaff tags have been signed off. Vinyl flooring was also installed at the Newton Drive site. The final stage our operatives completed was to make good to all voids, floor, ceiling and decoration was completed to a high standard.


Our team have installed two hoardings at the Lumb House site in Stockport. The onsite hoarding are lockable from the inside and out which have been fitted with door closers and finger plates. Visible health and safety signage is also displayed on all of our onsite hoardings. Our operatives have now completed the forming of the pit to a high PRNS standard. Next, our team removed the roof and professionally reinstated it as displayed in the site imagery below. On our next visit our experienced team will be making good at the Lumb House site in Stockport.