Maritime Museum, Liverpool

Complete 90%

So far our team at the Maritime Museum in Liverpool have installed temporary hoardings on the basement and the 4th floor have been installed. All other necessary hoardings have now been installed at the site. The scaffold crows nest/work was also installed by our operatives. The working platform and the dividing wall has now been fitted to exact measurements, this was done to prevent dust and any other unwanted debris going into the active lift shaft. The new pockets have also been broken out. Our onsite team of operatives have now also completed the installation of both side of the steels. We have also brick infilled on the steel girders. Next, the concrete thresholds have been levelled and the carpet has been fitted. We have also now added brickwork to accurately level out the steel beams. On our next visit, the PRNS team fitted flooring as displayed by our photographer who has performed a number of action shots below of the Maritime Museum site in Liverpool.