Manchester Piccadilly - Site Update

First Visit

On our first visit we supplied and installed fire proof temporary hoardings to both ends of the escalator. The PRNS operatives also assembled one side of the escalator. On our next visit, we will be completing both sides of the escalator and debris netting will be supplied and installed across the whole escalator.

Manchester Piccadilly - Site Update

Second Visit

On our second visit, the PRNS Building Services operatives have completed both sides of the escalator and applied debris netting above and across the whole escalator.

Extra Work Visit

Our team of operatives partnered with Schindler and Network Rail at the Manchester, Piccadilly train station. Our team added two temporary hoardings top and bottom of the escalator with  meshing protector along the length of the escalator. We then installed timber stud walls to the full length of the escalator on both sides. For health and safety, debris fall netting was installed to the top of the temporary hoardings so our engineers can work in a save environment. All of the timber on site was painted with fire retardant paint and colour to match Network Rails branded colours.