Knowsley Lifts

PRNS Building Services have been working in conjunction with Knowsley Lifts since incorporation. 

“PRNS Building Services Limited has worked alongside Knowsley Lift Services Limited since 2009. They have always performed extremely well across the entire range of works required as part of our operations in delivering capital project works. They are always eager to overcome any issues or obstacles encountered and their attitude and approach to solving problems is unrivalled. They are never adversarial and we find their ability to resolve issues a welcome change when compared to previous building companies with whom we have worked with on capital projects in the past.”

Sefton Park - Liverpool

At Sefton Park PRNS Building Services cut out 56 concrete entrances. With hight levels of dust we use strict methods and equipment to keep the dust levels low as possible and away from the public.

King Street - Manchester

PRNS Building Services were required to remove all loose and defected paint from a bespoke wrought iron lift shaft. Prepared and washed with cleaner and degreaser to all metal work. Two coats of paint to lift shaft.

Nursing home - prescott

PRNS Building Services carried out all relevant builders work for installation of this platform lift.

Chatham Building - Liverpool University

PRNS Building Services carried out all relevant building works to lift entrances. Decorated lift shaft and lift pit.

wirral metropolitan - Birkenhead

PRNS Building Services extended lift entrances to allow disabled access. Plastered and Decorated.

pacific chambers - liverpool

PRNS Building Services carried out all relevant builders work. Also decorated lift shaft and lift pit.

Oldham council - oldham

PRNS Building Services removed existing loft hatch at this Oldham Council building for Knowlsey Lift Services and replaced with new hatch, which allows for safer access for Lift Engineers.

Involved joinery work, plastering, making good and final decoration.

thornton science - chester

timber wharf

St Oswalds, Chester

RedShanks, Wirral

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